On a walk around Trowlesworthy Tors

19th May 2021


1.   Looking back across the Plym valley from the crossing over the Lee Moor Leat

View across the Plym vally

2.  Approaching Little Trowlesworthy Tor

Approaching Little Trowlesworthy Tor

3.  Little Trowlesworthy Tor

Little Trowlesworthy Tor

4.  Little Trowlesworthy Tor and abandoned quarried granite blocks

Little Trowlesworthy Tor

5.  The bandstand, an abandoned flag pole plinth

The bandstand

6.  View across the moor to North Hessary Tor

View to North Hessary Tor

7.  Great Trowlesworthy Tor

Great Trowlesworthy Tor

8.  Lee Moor Clay Quarries

Lee Moor Clay Quarries

9.  Trowlesworthy Warren Cairn Circle, a.k.a. ‘The Pulpit’, including the Arrowhead Stone, with stone row beyond

Trowlesworthy Warren Cairn Circle

10.  Lee Moor Leat

Lee Moor Leat

11.  Blacka Brook flows into the River Plym

Blacka Brook flows into the River Plym