Penn Beacon

24th June 2020


1.   Welcome shade walking through Newpark Wood

Newpark Wood

2.   Cholwichtown Quarry Lake

Cholwichtown Quarry

3.   Looking back, a view of Plymouth Sound

View to Plymouth Sound

4.   After a steep climb, almost there, the top of Penn Beacon

Penn Beacon

5.   Penn Beacon Cairn

Penn Beacon Cairn

6.   Penn Beacon Bench Mark, with Shell Top in the distance

Penn Beacom Bench Mark

7.   Another view of Penn Beacon

Penn Beacon

8.   The scar on the landscape of Cholwichtown China Clay Works

Cholwichtown China Clay Works

9.   Penn Beacon Enclosure

Penn Beacon Enclosure

10.   Regeneration on disused parts of Cholwichtown, now used by Cholwichtown Farm

Cholwichtown Regeneration